Life University Adds Two New Health Science Programs for Aspiring Students

Life University Adds Two New Health Science Programs for Aspiring Students

By Life University Staff


Recently, Life University (Life U) has expanded its already impressive academic offerings with two new Health Science programs. Here’s a look at what you can expect from the newest additions at the world’s leading chiropractic and holistic health college.

A New Opportunity for Tennis in Postsecondary Education

The tennis industry isn’t just growing; it’s skyrocketing. From 2019 to 2021, tennis has seen a 27.9 percent increase in participation in the U.S., growing by approximately 4.9 million players. According to the Physical Activity Council’s (PAC) participation report, more than 22.6 million people took to the courts in 2021 — up approximately one million players from 2020.

Life University’s newest track within its master’s degree in Sport Health Science program—Tennis Fitness & Sport Science—is designed to transform your love of tennis into a rewarding career. Life U’s robust program leverages a large network of tennis and fitness industry experts to prepare graduates with a unique blend of skills as they enter this growing job market.

Throughout the program, students will have various opportunities to observe live training sessions with tennis athletes, work alongside unique experts in the field and review and research the latest tennis-specific training methods. After completing the program, students will have the knowledge, skills and abilities to work with tennis athletes on improving performance and reducing the likelihood of injury.

All new applicants will start together in the 2022 fall quarter beginning the first week of October. They will go through the program as a cohort, which allows for unparalleled learning opportunities through group projects, training and research.

Program director Dr. Mark Kovacs, PhD, FACSM, SCSC, CTPS, MTPS, has more than two decades of experience at the highest levels of tennis training and research. He has directed Coaching Education & Sport Science for the United States Tennis Association (USTA) and worked personally with more than two dozen Top 100 ATP and WTA players. He is also the executive director of the International Tennis Performance Association (iTPA), the largest tennis fitness and sport science organization in the world that has helped thousands get educated and certified to work with tennis athletes in academies, tennis clubs and collegiate and professional environments.

Life U’s Tennis Fitness & Sport Science track will partner with a wide variety of organizations to help educate students in various areas of strength and conditioning, tennis medicine, tennis innovation and technology, athlete care, recovery, sleep and nutrition. With worldwide relationships, the university gives students the chance to partner with the best in the tennis industry. At Life U, you’ll not only learn from the best, but you’ll also work with the best.

Individuals who graduate from this program will be coming into a hot job market. The tennis industry has seen a huge boom over the past few years, and there is currently a shortage of quality and knowledgeable professionals to test, train and treat tennis athletes. Individuals who graduate from this program are in high demand across tennis academies, private clubs, national tennis federations, collegiate tennis programs and private training facilities. They can also work with professionals on the ATP and WTA tours.

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Life U’s Newest Online Degree Adds Depth to Health Science Roster

Life U’s College of Online Education strives to give its students a chance for an individualized education no matter where they reside. The department has continually expanded its offerings to help spread Life U’s philosophy and educational values across the globe.

In Life U’s online Bachelor of Science in Anatomy and Physiology, students will learn to navigate and understand the human body’s complexities and prepare for a future healthcare career. The program’s curriculum explores how the human body works and how one’s daily life affects physiology. Students will also discover how anatomy and physiology affect various ethical, social and philosophical issues. Furthermore, they will learn how Vitalism applies to the human body, its physiology and healing process and the governance of regulating a homeostatic balance. Vitalism, as Life University defines it, is the recognition that the universe itself is self-conscious and, as such, creates itself as a dynamic system wherein living organisms are self-developing, self-maintaining and self-healing. For example, the human body works hard to express health, to maintain health and to recover from illnesses or other conditions that threaten health.

“Adding an online bachelor’s degree in Anatomy and Physiology will allow students from all over the world to partake in the high-quality education offered at Life U in a track that suits them well to explore graduate school options,” explains Dr. Richard Belcastro, dean of the College of Online Education. “The program is aimed at providing students with the fundamental knowledge that they will need for future careers in the healthcare industry.”

This is the sixth stand-alone degree added to Life U’s College of Online Education, with more planned to be added in the next few years as outlined in the University’s 2040 Strategic Plan.

“This program is very special to me, and I feel extremely fortunate to be a part of it,” notes Dr. Matthew D’Alessandro, assistant professor and program coordinator for the B.S. in Anatomy and Physiology program. “At Life U, the entire team who will be implementing this program is absolutely wonderful. From our behind-the-scenes instructional specialists and designers to our core and adjunct faculty and leadership, this team is nothing short of amazing.”

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