A Guide to Natural Gas in Georgia

A Guide to Natural Gas in Georgia

By SCANA Energy

Natural gas plans can be confusing when you first move to Georgia. SCANA Energy is an authority on natural gas, and we’re here to break down what you need to know about the deregulated market and natural gas plans.

In 1997, the Georgia State Senate passed the Natural Gas Competition and Deregulation Act. This was meant to promote competition within the market and avoid monopoly power in the industry. So, while Atlanta Gas Light would still own and operate the natural gas lines in Georgia, other providers would be able to purchase gas to sell to consumers. In 1998, Georgia officially became a deregulated natural gas market, and SCANA Energy became one of the first natural gas providers.

Today, homeowners have a choice of companies to provide their natural gas service. SCANA Energy makes choosing a provider easy by offering a variety of fixed and variable natural gas plans for both residential and commercial customers in Georgia.

Fixed Rate Plans

If you choose a fixed rate plan, you are guaranteed a specific therm price for the duration of your selected plan (therm is a unit of measurement for natural gas). SCANA offers 6-, 12-, 18-, 24- and 36-month plan options so you can choose what works best for your situation. A fixed rate is a great way to keep your monthly natural gas bill predictable. However, a contract is required and an early termination fee will apply if you decide to change your service before the end of your contract. Fixed rate plans with SCANA Energy are only available in certain zip codes. You can check our website to see if your home qualifies.

When it comes to your rate plan renewal, customers on a fixed rate plan receive notices 60 and 30 days before it’s time to renew. With SCANA ­Energy, natural gas rate renewal is easy; you can go online or call to learn about your therm price and rate plan options.

Variable Rate Plans

With a variable rate plan, the therm price changes each month based on market conditions. Variable rate plans are a great option for those who only use natural gas in the winter, are in a temporary home or live where fixed rate plans are not available. While it makes it a bit harder to predict what your monthly natural gas bill will look like, variable rates offer you the choice to switch to a fixed rate plan or change providers whenever you need to without fees.

Commercial Rate Plans

Looking for a natural gas provider for your business? SCANA Energy serves large and small businesses across Georgia, so you can make the best choice for your business. Plans can differ depending on business size. Whether you’re looking for flexibility or predictability, there is a rate plan option for you.